Long testing probe wood moisture meter detachable

long probe moisture tester

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Long testing probe wood moisture meter detachable


Product Description

New Design wood moisture meter with long testing probe

The detachable fork and lead gives the user an extended reach of roughly 1.2m, making it easier to take readings from hard to reach areas. Species specific settings and automatic temperature compensation make this meter a reliable tool in any situation.

long probe moisture tester

·Species specific settings
·Built in thermometer (oC, oF)
·Built in hygrometer
·Auto. temperature compensation
·Applied CPU technology
·Maximum reading review
·1.2m extended reach
·Battery life meter
·LCD backlight
·Data hold
·Auto off
·2*AAA battery(not included

long probe moisture testers
long probe moisture meter
long probe moisture meters

Range Accuracy Resolution


Type1: 2-40% ±1%+0.5 0.5%
Type2: 2-50% ±1%+0.5 0.5%
Type3: 2-60% ±1%+0.5 0.5%
Type4: 2-70% ±1%+0.5 0 .5 %


20-95% RH ±1% 0.1%

*Measuring Range:2~40%/50%/60%/70%
*Temperature Range:-10~60℃
*Humidity Range:20%RH~90%RH
*Moisture Response Speed:<1s
*Measuring Error:±1%
*Power:2*1.5V AAA Battery
GM620-Wood moisture meter1 Wood moisture meter1
long probe moisture detectors long probe moisture detector