1358 Sound level meter AC DC



This equipment has been designed to meet the measurement requirement
of safety engineers,Health,Industrial safety offices and sound
quality control in various environment, which include factory,
office,traffic,family and audio system

gm1358 sound level meter
*This unit was designed according to following standards:
—-A. International electrician committee standard: IEC PUB 651 TYPE2
—-B. US national standard: ANSI S1.4 TYPE2

1 -Level Range
2 -Under Range
3 -Low battery indication
4 -Max value is held during measuring
5 -Measuring Value
6 -Measuring Unit
7 -Frequency weight A/C
8 -Bar Graph
9 -Over Range
10-Slow time weight
11-Fast time weight

1358 sound level meter part=====================================

*Measuring range:
—-30~130 dBA
—-35~130 dBC

*Accuracy: ±1.5 dB
*Digit & Resolution: 5位 & 0.1 dB
*Frequency response: 31.5Hz ~8.5KHz
*Measuring level: 30~130, 40~90, 50~100, 60~110, 80~130
* Frequency weighting characteristic: A & C
* Time weighting: FAST/SLOW
*Sampling rate: 2times/second
*Microphone:1/2 inch polarization capacitance microphone
*AC/DC output
*Max reading
*Overload indication: OVER / UNDER
*Low battery indication
*Auto power off / Cancel “Auto power off”

1358 sound level meter parts 1358 sound level meter PP box 1358 sound level meter
*Packing method: PP box + Gift box
*Power: 9V battery* 1pcs or DC 6V 100mA adapter
*Dimension: 207*70*29mm
*Weight: 178g (including batteries)


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