Luxmetro digital 50000Lux

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Luxmeter ,portable type can test range to be is very professional tool to test light brightness and light intensity.when decorate room to set the light or take photos,it is very useful to our daily to have this is with line stretcher ,can 360 degrees to test the suround light intensity.
luxmetro digital lx1010b

Display: 3 1/2 digits 18mm LCD
Measuring Range: 1Lux~50,000Lux
Over-input: indication of “1”
Accuracy: ±(4% +10digits)
±(5% +10digits) as over 10,000Lux
Temperature Characteristic: ±0.1%℃
Sampling Time: 0.4second
Repeatability: ±2%
Dimensions: 118×70×29mm

  • Packing in box
  • Carton size:40*27*31cm  20pcs/ctn
  • Gross weight:9kgs

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm


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