Alarm kitchen thermometer

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Kitchen thermometer with alert

■This device provides you with an easy to use the Thermometer & Timer with alarm function in kitchen, factory or BBQ
■The thermo-temp. and set temp. will be displayed
■The thermo-temp. is showing the current temperature, 25°C THERMO-TEMP
■The thermo-temp. is showing set temperature for alarm function, 50℃ SET-TEMP
■The default set -temp. is 50°C. Use the UP or DOWN button to set the proper temperature
■If you have set a Wrong temperature, simply press DOWN and UP simultaneously to reset
■Press the START button once ,the alarm stand -by mode will replace the setting mode
■The alarm will sound when the THERMO- TEMP. reaches the SET-TEMP
■Press STOP button once to stop the alarm . Temp. Range: -50°C~300°C
■The timer is used to keep track of your setting time in hours  minutes, and/or seconds
■The alarm stand -by mode replaces the setting mode the time starts to count down
■The timer will sound when it counts down to 00:00 00
■Working temperature range for the body, 0°C~50°C. 32°F~122°F
■Battery Type: 1.5V AAA Battery Package Included:
■1 x Mini Contact Pin Thermometer & Timer with Alarm

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 cm

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