Submersible bilge pumps 1100GPH 12V/24V

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Pump body: thermoplastic
Shaft seal: lip seal
Shaft: stainless steel
Color options: red, blue, white or other


Heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies;
Totally submersible and ignition protected;
To all existing safety standards;
Water cooled motors for long life, with anti airlock design and moisture tight seals;
Snap-lock strainer base for easy installation and removal, and silent vibration free running;
No burn out if run dry.
1100GPH 12v 24V bilge pump 1100GPH 12v bilge pump




Carton Dimension


10 X 9 X 11.8cm

52 X 38 X 26.4cm (40pcs)


15.3 X 11 X 13cm

  58.5 X 32 X 28.5c(20pcs)


16.3X 15.5X23.5cm

63.5 X 34 X26.2cm(8pcs)

12v bilge pump

Technical Data:

Item Flow rate Volts Current Head Wire Outlet Dia
350-12 350GPH 12V 1.8A 3m 100cm 29mm
500-12 500GPH 12V 2.2A 3m 100cm 29mm
750-12 750GPH 12V 2.5A 4m 100cm 29mm
1100-12 1100GPH 12V 3A 4m 100cm 29mm
1500-12 1500GPH 12V 7A 5m 100cm 29mm
2000-12 2000GPH 12V 8A 6m 100cm 29mm
3000-12 3000GPH 12V 10A 8m 100cm 40mm
3500-12 3500GPH 12V 12A 8m 100cm 40mm
3700-12 3700GPH 12V 16A 8m 100cm 40mm
350-24 350GPH 24V 1A 3m 100cm 29mm
500-24 500GPH 24V 1.2A 3m 100cm 29mm
750-24 750GPH 24V 1.5A 4m 100cm 29mm
1100-24 1100GPH 24V 1.5A 4m 100cm 29mm
1500-24 1500GPH 24V 5A 5m 100cm 29mm
2000-24 2000GPH 24V 5.5A 6m 100cm 29mm
3000-24 3000GPH 24V 6A 8m 100cm 40mm
3500-24 3500GPH 24V 8A 8m 100cm 40mm
3700-24 3700GPH 24V 10A 8m 100cm 40mm

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 9 cm


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