conductivity meter TDS ATC 1999ppm

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conductivity meter TDS is a large-screen LCD of 4 digits with backlight TDS meter ,with ATC automatic temperature compensation,  is a classic brand of pocket digital TDS meter, automatic temperature compensated reference temperature is generally 25 ℃ , the temperature coefficient is generally 2% / ℃.
Ease of use, stability and high, easy to carry without frequent adjustment.
Measuring range: 0 ~ 1999ppm (mg / L)
Accuracy: ± 2% F.S
Resolution: 1ppm (mg / L)
Power supply: 4 × 1.5V (AG-13)
Size: 151 × 33 × 20 (mm)
Uses: Water Analysis

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Operation Manual

1 Remove the protective cover;
2, the first electrode with distilled water and dry with filter paper attached to the electrodes of water;
3, turn on the switch located in the battery compartment;
4, the TDS meter immersed in the liquid, until the liquid dipped slightly at the end of “immersion line” place;
5, gently stir until the numerical stability, read the display;
6, after use, clean the electrode, turn off the switch, put on protective sleeve.


1, Put the TDS meter immersed in distilled water activated several hours;
2, Put the TDS tester inserted 1382ppm (mg / L) standard solution (25 ℃), and gently shake;
3, with a small screwdriver to adjust the potentiometer until the display value is 1382 (the instrument with automatic temperature compensation, automatic compensation value will be displayed when the value is 25 ℃);
4, clean the electrode with distilled water, blot it dry with filter paper;
5, the instrument insert 150ppm

(mg / L) standard solution (25 ℃), and gently shake the displayed value should be compared with the standard solution of allowable error range.
1, the measurement time to gently shake a few instruments, can not let the bubbles on the electrodes, otherwise it will affect the measurement results
2, can not easily adjust the instrument, only the instrument has been used for a long time, or use special frequently, should be re-calibrated
3, showing the value of the number in case of error, showing the value of beating, showing the value is not zero and so on, the instrument should be submerged below the insertion site in the rock several alcohol to clean the sensor. In cold or humid conditions, showing the value is not zero (display contains two within the last digit), does not affect the measured value.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 8 × 6 cm

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