DCV panel thermometer C/F

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DCV5-25V digital thermometer temperature meter signal C / F control
Black plastic case
Equipped with a PC and 4 pin connector
Temperature range: – 50  C to 110 C
Cable length: 0.56 M
Voltage: DCV5-25V
Working current: 20mA Max
Probe temperature length: 1 m
Dimensions: 48 (mm) x 28 (mm) thick: 17 (mm)
Waterproof, explosion-proof probe
Display in any C or Fahrenheit control only need to pull up the shell in the short cap.
Auto water temperature detection, air conditioning, refrigerator temperature detection, boiler temperature detection, temperature detection, such as the widespread use of computer casings
At the same time, the hands and the digital temperature display
WH7022 thermometer
WH7022 sensor
WH7022 connector


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