Digial Caliper 200mm/0.01mm

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Digial Caliper 200mm/0.01mm

Maximum range: 0-200mm
readings: 0.01mm
mm unit /inch unit exchange
Key:  Power on,Off,Zero.
Package: Black sponge box
single weight 450 g   ,50pcs/CTN
carton size: 56*32*29CM
GW: 18 kg NW:17KG
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1  auto power-off  function;
Any position of the English interchangeable;
3 cleared in any position;
4 with data output;
5 Fourth: You can measure the inside diameter, outside diameter, depth and step.

Instructions for use:

1. Before use, release the upper end of the scale box fastening screws, pull the foot box smooth, the measurement of the surface with a cloth, the guide surface is clean.
2. Promote The foot box scroll wheel closed two quantities claw adjustment showing the value and efficiency of the “0” point.
Measuring the diameter size should be two outside measuring jaws and the measured surface fit.
4 measuring the diameter size, the jaws should be measured in the direction of the longest diameter of the workpiece, not skewed.
Measure the depth dimension perpendicular to the bottom face of the depth gauge rod and the workpiece.
Measurement of the step size, the ruler body head and perpendicular to the bottom of the workpiece.
Absolute measurement: direct measurement of the workpiece with a caliper, and the measured values ​​of the workpiece can be read out directly on the screen.
8. Environment: ordinary digital calipers should not be used in moisture (humidity greater than 80%), contact with water or conductive dust environment.
9. Relative measurement: measurement of the standard sample (or standard gauge block) when set to zero, and then measuring the workpiece, the workpiece relative to the sample size difference of the standard parts can be read out from the display.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 25 x 8 x 4 cm


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