Fiber optic cleaner tape box core

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Fiber optic cleaner, Fiber scrubber, Non-fiber cleaning pen, Fiber cleaning tape box core random color

Optical fiber interface cleaning machine with non-alcohol special fiber with core,

Cleaner unique design structure and selection so that each cleaning to achieve the desired results,
Cleaners easy to carry just gently wipe,
Fiber optic connection interface at the dust and grease that is cleared, affordable,
The cleaning tape in the cleaner can be repeated and replaced to reduce the cost of larger users.
Fiber Optic Core End Face Interface Cleaner Technical Performance
1, cleaning times: 500 times
2, cleaning effect: -20 to -50 dB (return loss)
3, the use of temperature: -10 to +50 degrees
4, storage temperature: -30 to +70 degrees


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