LED sprinkle shower No battery / 9LEDs

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LED sprinkle shower

1、As the built-in device generating electricity without the battery and any other power connets to water, LED will emit the light.
2. This model of product is equipped with switch which can not only turn the led lghts on but aslo can switch them off when it connects with water source ,meanwhile it also has 4 kind of working modes,red mode,green mode,blue mode and color-changed with temperature mode, which you can choose the modes and colors as you like
3.In the mode of  color-changed with temperature, color are changed as followed .
A. When water temperature is ≤32℃, Green color will show automatically;
B. When water temperature is between 33℃~41℃, Blue color will show automatically;
C. When water temperature is between 42℃~45℃, Red color will show automatically;
D. When water temperature is above 46℃, Red color will flash immediately;

9801 LED sprinkle shower

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 x 13 x 12 cm


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