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The metal detector is a small hand-held metal detector that is used for inspections in schools and factory security where sensitivity is not critical. When it detects the scanning metal, it will sound an alarm and vibrate, and the power supply has a low voltage indication.
metal detector with ring md300|asungadget
Features and features:
1. Simple operation, exquisite design, easy storage and low failure rate.
2, sensitivity is very easy to detect a pin size (or even smaller) metal objects. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to site requirements.
3. It has sound (or vibration) and light alarm function when metal is detected.
4, with low voltage alarm function
5, use the battery, external charger function (charger optional) (not included)

Technical Parameters:
1. Detection sensitivity: detect a coin, the detection distance is ≥5CM
2. Alarm mode: sound and light synchronous alarm or vibration alarm.
3, power: 9 volt square battery (6F22ND battery), with low voltage indication function.
4, working current: sound and light less than 56mA, vibration less than 90mA
5, dimensions: 35 * 14 * 3cm
6, net weight: 185g
7, package size: 51 * 37 * 47.5cm
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