PanashiBA Student flashing light cycling Jogging

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PanashiBA Student, old man, safety light, bicycle taillight, signal light, flashing light
for Cycling, Jogging,Walking

With the increasing number of modern cars, traffic accidents are also on the rise. According to research, pedestrians and bicycle accidents at night are mostly related to drivers who cannot see passers-by. This product is fixed at the rear of bicycles and electric vehicles, so it can be clearly The driver at night found the danger.

For children and old people going out at night, you may not be at ease. Putting the product around the waist, the driver of the motor vehicle may see it hundreds of meters away. Great protection for the safety of your family! Although not much money, but the role is very big! ! !

Size: 8*6.3*3.2 (cm)
Battery model: 2 sections 5 (not included)

★ Simple one-button operation, eliminating complex and useless functions. Suitable for children and the elderly.

★Super power saving, a pair of Nanfu battery can flash continuously for 10 days, enough cattle!

★With a belt buckle, you can hang it on your belt, clothes, and school bag.


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