Ph meter with Temp measurement

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PH meter with temperature measuring.2 in 1 functions.

1.Measuring range:
PH: 0.00-14.00 PH
T.: 0.1°C-80°C
PH: 0.01PH
T. : 0.1°C
PH::+/- 0.01 PH
T. : +/-0.5°C
4.Automatic temperature compensation: 0.1°C—80.0°C
5.Battery: 3 *1.5 V( AG-13 button cell)
6.Operation temperature: 0—80°C
7..Calibration: Automatic two point calibration
8.Auto shut off function: 4 minutes
9.Size : 183mm*37mm*37mm
10.Weight : 80g
PH-TEMP meter tester ASUN
ph-temp meters ASUN

Operation Steps
1.Remove the protective sleeve
2.Clean the Electrode with distilled water and wipe clean the spare water.
3..Press the “ON/OFF” button .Turn on the meter.
4.Immerse the PH meter electrode in the solution
5. Lightly shake themeter, read the data when the numeric stabilized.
The temperate displays at the bottom of the screen.
6. Press the “ON/OFF” button to shut off the instrument .
Clean the electrode with pure water , cover the electrode protectivesleeve.

1. Turn on the PH meter
2. Immerse the electrode in PH 6.86 standard buffer solution.
(under the temperature of 25°C)
3. After digital stabilized, press the “shift” button for 5 seconds,
(the instrument comes into the automatic calibration Status ) .
Wait until the display digital is 6.86pH Then complete PH 6.86 point calibration
4. Clean the electrode with distilledwater and dry it with filter paper.
Immerse the electrode in pH 4.00 standard buffer solution,
5. After digital stabilized, press “shift” button for 5 seconds.
Wait until the digital is 4.00 pH..Complete the ph 4.00 point calibration.
6 .Clean the electrode withdistilled water andwipe clean the spare water.
Put the electrode in the PH 9.18 standard solution until the data stable,
The data will be 9.17pH—-9.19pH. The data is in the range of allowable error.
7. This instrument calibration work is completed after all the steps.

The instrument need recalibrate in the following condition.
1.Long time no use or use very long time after calibration
2.The electrode is used Very frequently.
3. The testing accuracy requirement is very high.
4.Do not press the “shift” button long time in the air.Otherwise the meter need

Low Battery
When the display value is fuzzy or unshown ,it shall check the battery voltage.
Lessing than 4.5V, it shall promptly replace the battery.
When changing battery,unscrew battery cover and replace the battery. Pay
attention to the polarity of battery.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 4 × 4 cm

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