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Reminding Before your testing.

Alco Smart Breath tester should be used only to give an indication of the possible presence of alcohol in the breath/blood. You should not rely upon it as the sole basis to determine intoxication or whether it is safe to drive a vehicle, operate equipment, or engage in dangerous activities.

Everyone has different body responds to alcohol consumption and his testing result only as reference, not a subject standard for consequent decision.

The manufacture, importer or distributor takes no responsibility whatsoever for the use ofthis product for any reason. This product must not be used as a tool for determining whether a person is able to operate a motor vehicle or device legally or safely. The intake of any alcohol will impair reflexes and judgment to operate motor vehicle.

Before your testing, please view the manual carefully and follow the instruction strictly.

General Introduction

AT6000breath alcohol tester is kind of tester designed to measure concentration result of the breathed alcohol in the human body.This device adopts advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor which has excellent sensitivity andreproducibility, fashional and portable design make it more convenient for personal use. When the alcohol content exceeds the preset limited level, this device would send an audio and videowarning to remind your safety.

Main Feature:

Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor

Quick response

SMD assembling, stable performance

Smart MCU control

Direct testing process LCD indication

Digital LCD display with light blue backup

Portable and fashion design?

Audio warning beyond pre-set limit

Sensor fault self checking?

Batterysaved design, low voltage indication

Technical Data

Sensor type: Flat surfaced alcohol sensor

Detection Range: 0.00 – 0.20BAC%; 0.00~2.00g/L;

0.00 – 2.00BAC‰;0.00 -1.00 mg/L; 0.00 – 200mg/100mL

Alarming Level: 0.05BAC%; 0.50g/L; 0.50 BAC‰; 0.25mg/L; 50mg/100mL

Accuracy: ±10% F.S

Working Voltage: DC4.5V(3×AAA)Batteries; Working Current: ≤120mA

Working Environment: Temperature -10℃~50℃

Relative Humidity ≤95% No Dews

Display: 3 digits LCD display with light blue backup

Dimension: 103×65×27mm (L×W×H), ≤64 g Battery excluded

Batteryexpectancy time: ≥200Times

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Acohol meter
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Digital Indication:

8.8 8

Alcohol content

“C” shows circularly on the LCD

ready for blow

“ ”shows circularly on the LCD

Analyze the concentration, please wait


sensor fault

2. Operation Instruction

2.1. Slide down the battery compartment on the back side, insert 3pcs AAA 1.5V batteries inside according to battery polarity indication and close it.

2.2. Press the switch button and last for 1s, the tester would be power on with a buzzer brief ringing, ‘Wait’ shows on down side of screen, meantime it shows 100 to 000 countdown, please wait now, otherwise its accuracy will be not good.

Until “Wait” disappears, tester will send out a ring,meantime shows “BLOW” and “C” gliding, now the test could begin.

Remarks: Its countdown speed will depend on concentration of last test, if concentration is high, it will be slow. If concentration is low, the countdown will be very quick.

2.3. Have a deep breath before testing, and blow directly to gas entry when “C”circularly shows, stop blow when heard its buzzer ring.

2.4. After blowing finished, the LCD screen willshow “ ” circularly, meantime shows “TEST”, this means the tester is analyzing the result, do not blow at this time. After analyze the screen will show the testing results.

It will turn off automatically after keep results for several seconds.

2.5. If a new testing needed, press the switch button again and repeat the above step 4.2~4.4.

3. Notification

3.1. Avoid any fall or strong shock.

3.2. If noise gas with high concentration existed,may the tester won’t work normally.

3.3. If testing is done under low voltage, certain error will be existed between the real value.

3.4. To ensure the testing result, please wait 15 mins to take the testing after your drinking.

3.5. The result may be unreliable for your first test if long time storage, please try second time.

3.6. Do not keep the tester in the environment of corrosive gas (Chlorine etc) for use or deposit, also in other bad surroundings.

3.7. Do not blow smoke to tester directly, especially the smokers.

3.8. When in consecutive testing, if blow immediately after drink, this concentration is very high, there will be some rudimental in mouthpiece. Please wait for at least 1 min to take second test, or, blow clean air for 3 seconds to clean out its mouthpiece.

3.9. After Long time use, there may be dirt on the tester, please use clean cloth to wipe off. Do not use any hard object or the solvent with any Corrosive ingredient.

Remarks: Common Fault and Solving solutions


Possible reason


NO display on LCD

Incorrect battery installation

Insert battery correctly according to polarity

Low battery seriously

New battery replacement

Circuit fault

Contact distributor

No response to

detection gas

not completeWarm-up

Waiting completeWarm-up

Circuit fault

Contact distributor

FFF display then power off

Sensor fault

Contact distributor

Low voltage display then power off

Low battery seriously

New battery replacement


Additional information

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