Beer refractometer ATC RSG-32

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Beer refractometer: It features brix scale and a specific gravity scale for
unfermented wort.
Model           Range           Min.Div.           Accuracy                         Remark
RSG-32    Brix: 0-32%     Brix: 0.1%       Brix: ±0.10% ATC
Wort SG:1.000-1.120

Beer, juice refractometer scale table sugar with high resolution, and in particular the proportion of SG custom scale. Can be used to measure the beer juice (wort) and wine brewing.
The model is the exclusive production, quality is guaranteed. This model is very popular in overseas markets!

RSG-100ATC handheld optical refractometer to measure the sugar content of sugar solution, and you can see the proportion of SG scale value. You need to convert the two scales, the same plane can glance. You do not need to use the time to re-adjust, our factory has adjusted well. The refractometer with automatic temperature compensation system.

Objects can be measured
1 fruit, drinks, plants:
Used to detect the amount of sugar sugary fruit, watching fruits, plants are mature

2 beer juice, wine brewing, wort
Semi-finished products used to measure the sugar in beer brewing wine proportion to calculate the approximate alcohol. (If you want accurate test alcohol content, please use a hydrometer)

Industrial liquid:
Helps to maintain a water-soluble coolant and CNC drawing and stamping compounds and concentrations typically used to control a variety of industrial fluids, such as cutting lubricants and flux rinsing compounds

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