Small Kitchen scale 5kgs/1g

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Weighing range: 3 grams – 5000 grams (large range, suitable, said the large amount of parcels)
Weighing units: 1g
Unit of measure: grams / ounces conversion (g binary kilograms, ounces into pounds)
Battery: 2 * 7 battery

Using high precision strain gauge sensor system, accurate weighing, the error rate in the one-thousandth;
With automatic zero / Auto off (power saving function);
With overload / low battery prompt function;
Peculiar pediment design, reading more convenient, especially when big stuff wrapped!

Auto zero / tare function of the machine is very practical, before turning on the power, first gauges on the scale, and then press the “T”, the system will automatically return to zero gauge is not too weighty, so you of weighed more convenient.

Kitchen Scale (Kitchen) parcels (parcels) scale tips and instructions:

Export neutral packing, is quite simple to use:
1.T key to open / peeled key, press and hold the key to boot or shut down a short time to achieve peeled. For example, containers weighing the weight of liquid, they can use the tare key. First the containers put on the scale, key press went peeled, electronic scales will be zero, and pour the liquid again utensils, electronic scales directly to the weight of the liquid.
2.Unit Unit conversion key g (grams), is commonly used, a total of three units conversion lb (lb), oz (ounce), g (grams).


1When not in use, do not in said surface of stacked items, so as not to consume a lot of the battery, and can not work properly.
2Weighing as much as possible for the goods to put the middle, to improve the accuracy.
3 can not be forced to re-strike the scale.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 4 cm


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