Sonómetro DB meter 40-130dB

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Sonómetro digital

sound level meter cheap sound meter db

-Open battery cover and install a 9V battery in it
-Hold the meter comfortably in hand or fix on tripod and point the microphone at the suspected noise source,the sound pressure level will be display
-When max mode is chosen,the meter will show maximum/minmum reading on display
-When hold mode is chosen,the hold function freezes the reading in the display.Press the hold button momentarily to activate or exit the hold function
-Turn off the meter and remove battery when not using
sonómetro digital db meter
-Frequency range: 31.5Hz-4KHz
-Measuring level range: 40-130dB
-Frequency weighting: A
-Microphone: 1/2inch
-Display: LCD
-Digital display: 3digits; resolution-0.1dB;respond time-0.5s
-Time weighting:FAST (125mS)
-Level range: Lo-40-100dB;High-60-130dB;accuracy-±1.5dB
-Alarm function: “OL”will show when input is out of range
-Auto power off:Meter auto shut off after about 15 minutes of inactivity
-Power life: About 50 hours
-Operating temperature/humidity:0-40°C/10-90%RH
-Storage temperature/humidity:-10~+60°C/10-75%RH
-Dimension: 170*58*35mm

1->hold button-data hold button press it and hold it to turn on /off data hold function,the function freezes the reading in the display
2->Max/Min button-It’s used to measure the maximum/minimum level of sound.Press it two seconds,the meter will be go on measuring
3->Wind blowing across the microphone would bring additional extraneous noise,Once suing the instrument in the presence of wind,it is a must to mount the windscreen to not pick up undesirable signals; To achieve more accurate measurement,use an extenion cable to separate the microphone from the main body so that the effect of unexpected sound reflection can be eliminated; Calibrate the instrument before operation if the it was not in use for a long time or operated at bad environment; Do not store or operate it at high temperature and humidity environment; Keep microphone dry and avoid severe vibration; Please take the battery and keep it in lowhumidity environment.


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