New Sport anemometer

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Sport Anemometer

Measurement items: Air velocity, Air temperature portable,pocket type anemometer
is ideal item to outdoor life when play skating or sailing it is popular to comsumer
that`s because its high quality ,steady ability,also his slim size.
now let share with you the feature as below:

*Measurement range:
—-Air velocity: 0~30m/s, 0~90km/h, 0~5860ft/min, 0~55knots, 0~65mph (± 5%)
—-Air temperature: -10~45º C, 14~113º F (± 2º C) *Resolution: 0.2º C, 0.2m/s *Display: LCD *Sensor:
—-Air velocity sensor: Plastic impeller, magnetic induction
—-Temperature sensor: NTC thermometer
*Low battery indication: Yes
*Auto power shut off: 14 minutes without any operation
*Backlight: 12 seconds active by press any key
*MAX/MIN/AVG reading

*Packing: Blister+Card
*Power: CR2032 3.0V
*Dimension: 104.3×57.8×19.9mm
*Net weight: 58.9g


8908 sport anemometer  anemometer 8908 thermometer_副本  anemometer_副本

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 cm


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