Ultrasonic range finder 13.5m

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ultrasonic range finder Ultrasonic electronic scale
High-precision digital measuring

Digital Mini ultrasonic Distance Meter
Range:0.76 to 13.5M  (2.5 feet to 45 feet)
Accuracy:±(0.5%+1 digit) at 77℉(25℃)

Range finder instructions:

1, Turn on the power,When measuring the cursor will need laser power switch to the “LR” . Laser measuring only when the cursor to see. To save battery power when the cursor is in the laser without the power switch from the “LR” file reversed to “ON” file before measurement. Do not use this product in ten minutes after the automatic shutdown.
2, Inch and Meter unit exchange
3, found measuring position, press the “ON” button, when the instrument “beep, beep” sound indicates that measurement has been completed, the data display disappears automatically after 30 minutes. Do not place the measuring head, hands and other parts of the block ultrasonic sensor head.
4 When the display does not show that the meter is in auto power off, restart. Long press “Measure ON” button for 3 seconds to self-finder will show the new re-calibrated and measured data.
5, if you want to make additional measurements, repeat the above steps. Before disappearing in the original measurement data, can be a new measurement, without waiting for the characters on the screen disappears.
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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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