Universal adapter plug socket converter

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GSM conversion universal adapter plug socket converter adapter- promotional gift

A: Global Multi plug, using patented technology, more than 150 countries, a variety of standard plug and socket set is small, portable and versatile plug, is a business elite travel, travel the best partner.

All products imported refractories, and with a fuse, more secure and reliable. Just press the side button above and select the appropriate plug, global travel unimpeded, it is the company gifting.

4-kinds of plug free replacement (U.S., UK, Europe, Australia standard), for use in more than 150 countries

Compact and lightweight, form decency, easy to carry
Unique plug interface design, to avoid accidentally inserted the wrong plug and cause leakage, safety
Use flame-retardant insulation material, fire melted, use a more secure and reliable
Built-in ceramic fuse to protect the use of absolute security

Second, this product is not applicable areas: parts of Africa.
Third, the scope: This product is used in different national standard plug socket conversion; applicable to personal digital assistants (PDA), digital camera, charger, CD-ROM drive, laptops, shavers and other small power appliances.
Fourth, the product advantages:
1, the product appearance of fine appearance, gloss smooth, comfortable, easy to carry, travel, business, students and other persons best partner. Order your portable electrical equipment anywhere in the world are the same uninterrupted electricity to achieve a real sense of global communication.
2, two flat pins can be freely rotated into parallel or character type (ie: rotated into the United States, Japanese, or Australian pins).
3, jack parts: universal socket holes, accept the world different pin (plug); jack Department has a special security doors, to prevent accidental electrical shock, ensure personal safety of users!
4, as an outlet finest phosphor bronze copper! Elasticity, Conductive conductivity better than any brass!
5, equipped with anti-surge, lightning protection, protect notebook computers mobile phones and other electrical safety!

Fifth. Voltage: This product can handle AC (110-240V) standard voltage, but the product itself does not have the transformer function. Is the output and input voltages are the same, no change.

In other words, to the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and other countries, you may also need to purchase a transformer, depending on your appliances.
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