Vibration severity digital

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Digital Vibration meter(called vibration severity) uses Piezoelectric Acceleration Transducer transfer the vibration signal in to electrical signal, analyze the input signals, and show the Acceleration, speed, shift of the vibration.It is widely used in the fields of Power, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, vehicles, etc.
Below specifications for your reference:
Vibration Meter model 63B sensorsVibration Meter model 630Vibration Meter model 63B sensor

Measuring Range Acceleration:0.1-199.m/S2 peak(rms*v2)
Velosity:0.1-1999.9mms rms
Displacement:0.001-1.999mm p-p(rms*2v2)
Accuracy ±5%±2digits
Frequency Response Acceleration:10Hz-1KHz(LO) 1KHz-15KHz(HI)
Data Output AC Output 2V Peak,Load
Test Mode Acceleration/Velocity/Displacement
Sampling Rate 1S
Low Battery Indication √
Auto Shut Off √
Power 9V Battery(6F22)
Battery Life 25 hours Continuous Operation

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 x 15 x 8 cm


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