Weather Station with barometer 9in1



Weather Station with RF 433MHz Sensor
Weather Station with RF 433MHz sensor

Barometric Weather Forecast with Barograph Display
Air Pressure Reading
Radio Controlled clock (12/24 HR Format)
Summer/Winter Time
Calendar with Date of Week in 7 Languages
Indoor/outdoor Temperature (C/F Selectable) and Humidity with Trend
Min/Max indoor/Outdoor Temprature and Humidity
Temperature Alert
Blue LED Backlight
Alarm with Snooze
Moon Phase
Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset
1 x RF 433MHz Outdoor Sensor Included
Unit Size: 105 x 225 x 30 mm
LCD Size: 48 x 127 mm
Batteries: 2 x AA for Main Unit, 2 x AAA for Sensor
Barometric Weather Forecast with Barograph Display
Air Pressure Reading
Radio Controlled clock (12/24 HR Format)
Summer/Winter Time
Calendar with Date of Week in 7 Languages
Indoor/outdoor Temperature (C/F Selectable) and Humidity with Trend
Min/Max indoor/Outdoor Temprature and Humidity
Temperature Alert
Blue LED Backlight
Alarm with Snooze
Moon Phase
Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset
1 x RF 433MHz Outdoor Sensor Included
Unit Size: 105 x 225 x 30 mm
LCD Size: 48 x 127 mm
Batteries: 2 x AA for Main Unit, 2 x AAA for Sensor

Radio controlled Clock    DCF77
Automatic time signal receiving to display exact time with automatic winter/summer
time change.
Time format 12 or  24 hour format
Continuous calendar up to 2099
Date, Month, Weekday and Week display,
Weekday display choice of 7 languages (German, English, Italian, French, Dutch,
Spanish and Danish).
Two alarms, one alarm for Monday to Friday, second alarm for Saturday to Sunday.
Alarm time is two minutes.
Automatic snooze function, (5 minutes alarm repeat)
Barometer Pressure shown in graphic barograph display the air pressure readings
over the course of the last 12 hours. Displays barometric pressure in two scales.
The hPa and the Hg (Mercury) scale.
Altitude setting from -200 to 2000 meter.
Weather forecast using five icons: sunny, lightly cloudy, cloudy, rainy and stormy.
Current weather icon setting for easy start-up
Thermometer: Indoor measurement range: 0°C ° ~50°C
Outdoor measurement range: -20°C  ~60°C
Temperature trend display for both indoor and outdoor measurements
Comfort Zone
Displays temperature in Celsius (C) or Fahrenheit (F).
Hygrometer Measurement range: 20% – 90% RH, separate display for both indoor and outdoor measurements
Minimum/Maximum display for relative humidity and temperature (in- and outdoor).
Temperature alarm for outside measurement
Moon Phase
Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset for 150 preset cities
Battery level display
Blue LED backlight display
Battery:  2 x AA/UM3/LR06 (included)

Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
Range of up to 25m .
Battery: 2 x AAA.UM04/LR03


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