Wheat corn paddy rice moisture meter

Grains that can be tested with the meter:
wheat, paddy, rice and corn for famer and warehouse keeper.

Adoption of CPU makes the measurement more accurate.Temperature self-compensation.
A big screen LCD with back lighting to ensure  the reading is clear and free from parallax.
Special energy saving backlight control.
MD7822 new grain moisture meter
grain hydrogenous quick measuring instrument

Moisture measurement range: 2%~30%
Resolution: 0.5%
Temperature measurement range: -10~60°C(14~140°F)
Maximum error: ±2°C(±4°F)
Resolution: 1°C(2°F)
Ambient temperature: -10~40°C(14~104°F)
Ambient humidity: 0~70%Rh
Date hold function.
Low power symbol automatic indication.
Battery: 4×1.5V AA battery

174L×73W×38Hmm (for main unit)
365Lx43Wx25Hmm (for measurement probe)