Wireless Charging Car Holder 3 Coils

c3a wireless car holders charger

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Product Description

Wireless Charging Car Holder 3 Coils
Min size :6cm
Max Size: 9.5cm

  • This is a vehicle-mounted wireless charger for smart phones,it coul be act as vehicle-mounted mobile bracket,meanwhile prolong the time of battery. let you enjoy the great fun of digital products.
    compatible for Apple,Nokia Lumia, LG Nexus,Samsung Galaxy with receiver case,ect.
    c3a wireless car holders charger
  • Specification
    Charging distance:4 to 10mm
    Frequency:100 to 200KHz
  • Package Contents:
    1 Wireless charger *1
    2 Car Bracket*1
    3 USB cable*1
    4 Cigarette lighter socket*1
    c3a wireless car holder
  • Installation of Charger
    1 Put the wireless charging transmitter`s buckle on transmitter bracket`s buckle and fixed it.
    2.Fixed the bracket on any smooth surface and press it down slowly and carefully
    3 Press the fixed lock leve down in order to fold it
    c3a wireless charger car holder
  • Connect the power wire
    Connect the power wire with ireless charger transmitter
    Insert the power supply into car`s cigarette lighter socket
    Notice: The indicaor of power supply will be turn green when the device use the power supply
    buitin3coils wireless charger car holder
  • Charging for mobile phones
    1. Please confirm the transmtter`s indicator light is green and stay in the state of connect power supply. press the button of back elastic in order to bounce the elastic clamp.
    2. Put the phone with wireless charging function into the wireless charging transmitter and push the elastic clamp until the phone is firmly fixed.it is means starting to charging for phone when the charging indicator light turned blue.
    * If your phone don`t support wireless charging,you stil can fixed the phone on the transmitter and connect the USB power wire for Charging
    charging for mobile phonesc3a wireless car holder charger
    c3a wireless car holders

 Supported devices:

The charger supports the following phones:

1. for Nokia Lumia 920 820
2. for LG Nexus 4  Nexus 5 (The LG Nexus 4 is a little special and its coil is below, so you need to align the phone to the top of the charger.)
3. For HTC Droid DNA,HTC 8X(international)
4. for Samsung Galaxy S III (Purchase of a Qi wireless receiver is required)
5. for Samsung Galaxy Note II Note III(Purchase of a Qi wireless receiver is required)
6.for Samsung Galaxy S IV (Purchase of a Qi wireless receiver is required)
7.for iP4,iP5 ( Purchase of a Qi Wireless receiver cover case is required)